Friday, January 13, 2017



This young lady will show you how to throw a cast net. So if you want to do some cast net fishing or use the cast net to catch some bait for your fishing trip, all you have to is watch her lesson. And even if you don't plan on going after a marlin 50 miles offshore, you can still have fun with it on the beach. And you ladies out there can wear your bikini and work on your tan while your at it! And for the guys who get bored sitting on a towel for hours with the family, a cast net is a great way to kill some time. Its a good skill to have. And if your lucky you might run into the Southern Girl and she can give you a few tips on throwing a cast net.
Some FIY - if you come down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and want to practice throwing a cast net on the beach, make sure sure you have a fishing license! It wasn't too long ago you could cast a net or even surf fish at the beach. That is no longer the case. 


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